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Grandin, Pinker, Vinge, and more – talks online

Presentations from the Oct 13-14 Singularity Summit are online. I recommend the presentations by Steven Pinker, Temple Grandin, Jaan Tallin, Vernor Vinge, John Wilbanks, Melanie Mitchell, and Linda Avey. Go to the post to see links to each talk, and others at the conference. Continue reading

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Time’s Winged Chariot

Time calls to each of us, a quiet hum at the edge of awareness. For some, it is the siren song of a lazy summer afternoon, the sleepy midwestern drone of crickets in a Bradbury idyll, watching crinkly leaves drift down the street in golden afternoon light. For others… Continue reading

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This week I explored time, or to be exact, strayed outside of time, listened to silence, in solitude, felt the space between heartbeats. It was less of a conversation than a reverie, though to be sure I was visited by many a fellow-traveler in imagination. Continue reading

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