Grandin, Pinker, Vinge, and more – talks online

All of the presentations at the Oct 13-14 Singularity Summit are online. I recommend the following. (Note that each is preceded by a 10-15 second commercial).

Steven Pinker: Decline in Violence (37 min)
Summary of his thesis that violence has been in decline for long stretches of time, “visible on scales from millenia to years.”

Temple Grandin: How Different People Think Differently (56 min)
Understanding different types of thinking: visual, mathematical, spatial, pattern; and how they relate to bright people, autistics, animals, and just everybody.

Jaan Tallin: A Quest in Metaphysics (32 min)
Hard takeoff, the multiverse, and the rules of nature, presented in an entertaining cartoon story.

Vernor Vinge: Approaching the Singularity (30 min)
Ways that supra-human intelligence may arise.

John Wilbanks: Your Health, Your Data (31 min)
How open access, sharing data, future health, and the quantified self could interact.

Melanie Mitchell: AI, Meaning, and Analogy (31 min)
How analogy may be linked to understanding, in humans and potential artificial intelligence.

Linda Avey: Personal Genomics (30 min)
Interview on personal genomics testing, privacy/sharing of data, and benefits.

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